It all started back in 2017, Carshalton Beeches, when I decided to invest in a wood fired pizza oven. Following a series of experiments with different pizza dough & sauce recipes’ I finally managed to create the perfect pizza recipe, on a par with any restaurant I had visited on my globetrotting travels. Since then, every summer my wife and I host an annual pizza fest for friends & families, you roll your own pizza dough, add your sauce and toppings and I cook it from fresh in 1 minute! We often received complements about our incredible pizza and wonderful party atmosphere. That got me thinking, could I replicate the pizza and party vibe but make it portable? So in March 2019 I set out on an adventure to make it happen and set up portable pizza party.

My name is Stuart Fraser, I am the founder & creator of portable pizza party, some might say a pizza pioneer!
Portable Pizza Party is passionate about pizza and love social gatherings which bring people together to celebrate.

What We Do

First of all, we are portable which means we host the party at your chosen destination, be it your back garden, in a park, field or even on a sandy beach! Our pizza parties are a hands-on, interactive experience, allowing children and adults to get creative and have fun. Make your own unique pizza using fresh dough & our unique special sauce which we make in-house together with high quality locally sourced ingredients.


We use state of the art portable pizza ovens called Roccbox, they are the world’s first portable pizza oven which can heat up to 500 degrees & produce the perfect neopolitan pizza in around 90 seconds. For safety, the body is insulated & outer silicon skin is safe to touch making roccbox the most kid friendly option for pizza ovens.

Our parties are designed for everyone from 5 year old kids to 15 years old teenagers and adults.
Our pizza parties are portable whether in your back garden, in a field or even on a beach!

The Party Experience

The fun filled experience begins with a safety briefing & demonstration of how to construct the perfect neopolitan pizza. Then its your turn…

Guests get creative by rolling out the dough, adding the homemade secret sauce and personalising with their very own toppings (can cater for special dietary requirements). Everybody will have the opportunity to make their own savoury & special dessert pizza with chocolate!

1. Set up, Introduction & Safety briefing
2. Roll out your dough with a rolling pin or by hand
3. Add our secret tomato sauce
4. Add the toppings of your choice
5. We cook your pizza in 90 seconds our special portable ovens
6. For kids & teenagers you get to make a special nutella chocolate dessert pizza
7. We give everybody a special PPP certificate
8. We clean up everything & say our goodbyes

Only the finest healthiest freshest toppings, homemade sauce and handmade dough.

Our Dough

For a start we only use Caputo 00 pizza flour from naples. Caputo flour is recognized as the worlds best pizza flour and is used by 80% of the pizzerias in naples. (we can also prepare using special gluten free pizza flour)

Our Sauce

Most everybody agrees that the most important part of your pizza is the dough, but a close second: the sauce. We have created our very own authentic receipe which uses San Marzano tomatoes from Naples which deliver a beautiful sweet flavour perfect for young pizza lovers!

Our Toppings

Buffalo Mozzarella
Red Onion
Courgette Ribbons
Chilli Oil

Dessert Toppings


We specialize in kids & teenagers birthday parties and can set up anywhere from your back garden to in the park or on a sandy beach*
*may need permission from land owner

Our Event Packages

Kids & Teenagers Pizza Party

We specialize in birthday parties and can set up anywhere from your back garden to in the park or on the beach

Adults Pizza Party

Celebrating a birthday or special occasion why not pair your pizza making skills with a wine tasting experience all from the comfort of your own home

Corporate Pizza Party

An innovative way to build teams and enjoy a delicious lunch, We can set up at your office exterior space or other outside location.


Children’s Parties: £175 for up to 10 children and £12.50 per head for additional child. £175 is the minimum cost regardless of party size.

Adults Parties: £200 for up to 10 adults and £15.50 per head for additional adult. £200 is the minimum cost regardless of party size.

If you would like to include the Wine tasting experience with our professional sommelier Ben, it will be an additional £20 per person. See

Please be advised, at present, we operate on Friday evenings & Saturdays/Sundays daytime or evening.

The maximum we can cater for is 20 guests for childrens or adult parties.

The event will last between 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending on the number of guests & if opt for wine experience


Travel cost to your location*

All staff & equipment – portable pizza ovens, outdoor tables & bench seats, freshly made dough, sauce & all toppings for savoury & dessert pizzas, aprons, rolling pins, wooden boards

All participants receive a special PPP Certificate

Birthday boy/girl receive a special PPP apron

Clean up of all equipment

*we will travel up to a 10 mile radius from Carshalton, however, we can travel further if our fuel expenses are paid.

Additional Extras

Kids party goodie bags £5
Kids Chefs Apron £15
Face painting – send us an enquiry

Make an Enquiry


What if I do not have 10 guests in my party?

We will charge a minimum of £200 regardless of how many guests are in your party.

Can you cater for gluten free, dairy free, lactose intolerant ?

Yes we can, will need confirmations pre-event 7 days in advance to prepare

Are you insured ?

Yes we are insured for Public Liability for up to £1m

Do you have a hygiene certificate?

Yes we have been given a grade 5 by Sutton Borough Council

What is the maximum number of guests you can cater for?

Currently up to 20 guests , for each additional guest above 10 is £12.50 per guest

What if I do not have 10 kids in my party ?

You will be charged based on a minimum of 10 guests regardless of numbers.

Do you travel outside of Sutton Borough?

Yes but it depends on the travel distance, you would need to cover our expenses, best to check with us first.

Can you cater for a party on weekdays ?

Possibly, but because we are a small start up we are still working full-time during to pay for the business, initially we decided to trial at weekends.

What do we need to provide?

Simply a space large enough for us to set up, ideally a back garden so we can set up tables. Benches and a cooking work station.

How long does it take to cook a pizza & how long does the event last for?

It takes around 90 seconds to cook a pizza and the entire event on average between 1 hour 30mins and 2 hours depending on the number of guests.

How do I pay?

We will take a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost with the final balance payable 72 hours prior to the event. Payment by BACS or via Paypal.